Traditional and Mediterranean cuisine

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The attention we put in choosing raw materials and the care we use in cooking them are the first step  towards what we think is going to be a great experience, rich of tastes, aromas and colors. Our kitchen is Origano’s beating heart, the place where Italian cuisine tradition and contemporary cooking skills come together and passion becomes art through our pastas, pizzas, meat & fish, vegetarian and vegan choices, homemade desserts and …much more.

Our kitchen is located in the middle of the restaurant, with glass walls so everybody can see what is going on inside. It is a reflection of our philosophy of being open and willing to share preparation and cooking experiences with our customers . An extensive menu of Mediterranean recipes that include vegetarian and vegan options  allow us to offer you a vast selection of seasonal foods to enjoy together with your tablemates .

All this is our recipe for a relaxing, simple and yet tasteful experience. 

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Origano CampoTraditional and Mediterranean cuisine